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Sacramento masterpiece Larry Ward is a convertor-procesor at Sacramento Cable. Elisha Runnels is in consumer marketing at MCI Telecommunications Corporation. These two Sacramentans are also entrepreneurs. Larris Heavenly Barbecue Sauce is the couple's first product under the label of Heavenly Enterprises Ltd. In a few months they will team for another major project - their wedding - but for now they're concentrating on getting their new sauce into stores. The sassy sauce - a mix of Southern sweetness and mild spiciness- has been given shelf space at all Albertson's stores just this past week. If you're a fan of K.C. M asterpiece, you're going to like Larry's, much like the Missouri favorite, but with added zing. Ward came to California 11 years ago from Greenville,Miss.. where a hole-in-the-wall kind of place called Ann's Grill served up what he calls `someof the best barbecue around." It inspired him to keep mixing and blending, stirring and simmering, until his sauce tasted similar to Ann's. In development since 1992, the sauce, generally packed in Mason jars, made the rounds of friends, relatives and coworkers. The two partners also had a catering business for a brief time. At events they catered, they used the sauce on everything from ribs to hot dogs and baked beans. Reactions were always the same, said Runnels. "Where can I get more?" A hotter version of Larry's is to be released in a few months. For now, look for the regular Larry's in Albertson's for about $2. -Jan Townsend. Bee food writer

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